Here at (CGN) Ltd our attention to detail and financial growth allows us to identify areas where costs can be reduced and or better utilised.

Our accounting policy as with all our policies is simple; we put clients first. To do this, we work with qualified accountants who understand both the legal and financial implications of financial and or management accounting in order to give you the best service possible.

The services we offer include:

  1. Finance Management (Credit Control, Savings & Investments)
  2. Management Accounting (Budgeting & Accounting Databases)
  3. Forensic Book Keeping & Bank Reconciliation
  4. IFRS Financial Reporting

FORENSIC BOOK KEEPING: We fine-tooth comb through the pennies to find any missing pounds.

Services Provided

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

  • Company Database or Accounting Database only
  • Business & Budgeting plans (Start-ups)
  • Accounting for sole traders, partnerships & Corporate entities
  • Tax Returns for sole traders, partnerships & Corporate entities
  • VAT
  • Tutoring: BSc Accounting & Finance

Personal Finance Management

Our prices are based according to the scale of work. Payment plans available to help you spread the cost 

  • Bad Debt Consolidation and Management
  • Personal Budgeting (Income & Expenses)
  • Investigation of taxation history & Allowances
  • Savings & Investments