CGN Accountants currently deliver a range of Finance & Accounting services to firms and individuals across London.

Our attention to detail and financial growth allows us to identify areas where costs can be removed, minimized and or better utilised.

Our accounting policy as with all our policies is simple; we put clients first. To do this, we work with qualified accountants who understand and extensively research both the legal and financial implications of financial and or management accounting in order to give you the best service possible.

Services we offer include:

  1. Administrative Support (Virtual Office and Business Database)
  2. Personal Finance Management (Bad Debt, Income & Expenditure, Savings & Investments, Tax Returns and NI contributions)
  3. Management Accounting (Book-Keeping & Budgeting, VAT & Corporation Tax)
  4. IFRS Financial Accounting & Reporting
  5. Tutoring for Accounting & Finance Undergraduates

FORENSIC BOOK KEEPING: We fine-tooth comb through the pennies to find any missing pounds.

Tax Advice

CGN Accountants understand the hassle that comes with correctly preparing your tax returns and the disappointment or headache that comes with discovering that you’ve paid too much or not enough respectively.

Our accountants research extensively to identify any and all areas where tax reductions, deductions and or exemptions may apply; to:

1. Save you money

2. Ensure that any reduced or exempted tax payments comply with UK tax law

Software Programmes

CGN Accountants use of the following software

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Sage
  • QuickBooks