(CGN) Loans Guidelines


Loans start from a minimum of £100.00 to a maximum of £1.000.00 and are paid out for a minimum term of 1 month and a maximum of 24 months beginning from the loan date pending full background checks, status and under the following terms.

Loans can be paid back before the date specified on the loan agreement, however, the same rates or interest will apply.

CGN Loans

Fixed interest loans start from a minimum of £100.00 to a maximum of £1,000.00 and are paid out for a minimum term of 1 month and a maximum of 24 months beginning from the date of execution of a loan agreement pending successful background & credit checks.

Arrangement Fees:

  • £50.00 for loans of £500.00 +
  • £100.00 for loans of £1,000.00 +

You MUST have access to internet banking to access this service.

Credit Limits

For first time borrowers, the credit limits are as follows:

  • £200 for Students, Benefits & Self employed
  • £300 for Part time employment
  • £500 for Full time employment

Credit limits may increase for existing customers, subject to terms & conditions.

Student Loans

If you are resident in the UK and are in higher education, you are eligible for 10% off all CGN loans

In addition to the mandatory documents you need to have (table below), you will need:

  1. Your full Student Finance documentation
  2. A letter supplied by your university confirming that you are enrolled on a course for 2 or more years
  3. Your timetable (if you have received it)
  4. Your valid student ID

All the documents listed in the table below are mandatory and MUST be valid. Supporting documents MUST be dated within 3 months of application

Proof if Identity (Photo ID) FULL UK Driver’s license or Passport
Proof of Name & Address.

(Mobile Phone Bills NOT accepted)

Two forms of proof and CANNOT be from the same company.

(Landline, Water, Gas, Electricity, Council Tax)

Proof of Income Bank Statement

Pay slip or government letter


Receipts will be made readily available to clients monthly.

All loans are subject to availability, status & financial stability.

This document serves as part of (CGN) Capital Growth Network’s Terms & Conditions. (CGN) reserve the right to refuse to offer services if we feel that you have supplied us with incorrect or void or misleading information.

Please visit the website or contact us for more information: www.cgnequity.com

High Risk Loans (HRL)

Three unauthorized late repayments will lead to automatic account closure

The following will lead to an automatic HRL

  1. First time customers
  2. Three late repayments (including underpayments
  3. Exceeding your credit limit.

Making repayments will increase your credit limit and decrease the amount of interest you pay.

Changes and Alterations (C&A)

Changing repayment cycles i.e. skipping a month and or editing terms to an existing agreement. The fee for changes & alterations is £50.00

If you change a payment date and still fail to make the payment on the new date, you will be charged a late fee in addition to the £50 charge

Bad-Debt Levy (BDL)

A bad-debt levy is added to all credit agreements which is a percentage of the annual provision.

This fee is included when calculating APR

Loan Extensions (LEx)

This applies to extending a loan past its agreed fixed duration and NOT to any forbearance procedures.

Example; a customer cannot afford £10.00 per month on a loan totaling £120.00 for 12 months. Reducing the payments to £8 will increase the duration to 15 months.

The fee is £15.00 per month

To protect the consumer, all loans are limited to a maximum extension of 3 months (Maximum fee of £45.00). All fees are collected at the end of the initial loan period and do not add to the duration of the initial loan period i.e. there are NO fees on loan extensions.


As collecting via Direct Debit can often leave people overdrawn with their bank, we allow our customers to pick their repayment dates and pay via cash or online transfer. This way, our customers can make flexible payments without leaving themselves out of pocket. However, it becomes the customers’ responsibility to make the payments. If a payment is continuously missed, we may arrange for an agent to make a doorstep collection. This has a fee of £50.00

Late repayment fee (LRF)

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions document for more detailed information.

There are NO Late Fees for Students and people in receipt of state benefits.

A £50.00 admin charge will be applied to your account if:

  • You fail to notify us that your payment will be late on 3 occasions. The charge will be applied and your account will be closed immediately.
  • After 3 overdue payments, a high-risk flag will appear on your account.


Late fees are charged from and including the due date up until the day prior to the actual payment date. Exemptions require documented proof showing why payment is late.

You will ALWAYS receive a reminder via text and Email at least 7 days before your scheduled repayment. This is your notice period to inform us of any expected overdue payments.

5+ working days’ notice: FREE*
Less than 5 days’ notice: Late fee minimum of (5 days – notice period)
On the day: Late fee minimum of 5-day notice period
No Notice/Unauthorized: 5-day notice period + Late fee charged per day up to 7 days until account closure

Late Fees are charged at 0.8% (L) per day.

Changes To Interest Rates

From time to time, we may alter the interest rates and fees set out in this leaflet. When we alter our interest rates, we will notify you personally

(CGN) Investments Guidelines (Limited availability)

  • 50/50 Plan

    This plan serves as an option for people who want to invest but lack the budget to do so. With the FFP, you can invest in any CGN fund you wish to from Low Rate to High Rate or diversify your portfolio with all 3 rate categories and within the 4 fund vehicles. As the name implies, this plan is 50% loan and 50% Investment.


    (CGN) Ltd will borrow you the Capital Investment needed to open the account of your choice. In total, you will be paying back the Capital Investment + the interest charged for the service.

    Interest is made immediately and will begin to accumulate until the plan is paid for in full. When the plan is paid for, you will be eligible to receive all the interest made however, your Capital Investment will not be accessible for a further 12 months from the date the plan was paid for in full.

    You are allowed a maximum break period of 12 months from your last payment. If no further payments are made by the end of the break period, your account including the accumulated interest will be sold off and you will be eligible to receive ONLY your capital investment. All interest earned or paid in relation to the account will be forfeit.

  • Low Rate

    This Plan has a minimum fixed term of 12 months. The current return on this plan is 0.75-3% AER variable on a minimum one off investment of £1,000.00.

    The associated funds are as follows:

    1. Pension Fund
    2. Fast Track (£500.00-£1,000.00)
    3. Diversified portfolio

    Click here for more information on these funds

  • Fast Track (Subject to availability)

     Fixed 2% per month

    This Plan has a maximum fixed term of 3 months with an option to rollover. The ROI is a fixed 2% per month.

    The minimum investment for this plan is £1,000.00


    If you invest the minimum £1,000.00 on 01/01/20xx, you will have made £1,060.00 by 31/03/20xx GUARANTEED. Because of this guarantee there is a high demand for this service and so Fast Track investments are subject to availability and on a first come first served basis.

  • Standard Rate

    This Plan has a minimum fixed term of 24 months. The current return on this plan is 3-5% AER variable on a minimum one off investment of £10,000.00.

    The associated funds are as follows:

    1. Capital Fund
    2. Diversified Portfolio

    Click here for more information on these funds

  • High Rate

    This Plan has a minimum fixed term of 60 months. The current return on this plan is 5-8% AER variable on a minimum one off investment of £50,000.00.

    The associated funds are as follows:

    1. Equity Fund
    2. Resource Fund
    3. Diversified portfolio

    Click here for more information on these funds

Our Investments

Capital Growth Network Ltd invests in Equity, Retail and Consumer Credit. Money is made through negotiated percentages.

Interest Calculations

Interest is calculated on a daily basis and paid into your account once a month, usually the day before we issue your statement to you.

Loan Discounts

Investors receive 10% discount on all loans.

Withdrawing Money

All drawings come with the maximum 4 week waiting period. We will pay your money into your bank account, the details of which we have on file. Requests must be put in writing, signed and dated by the account holder.
Scan and emailed back to: investments@cgnequity.com

Emergency Access

These are drawings made within 24hours of your initial withdrawal request. The fee for this service (Emergency Access Fee (EAF)): is £50.00
If an investor makes a withdrawal within the minimum fixed term of 12 months, the account cannot be terminated until another 12 months from the date of the last withdrawal.

Investment Terminations

We require 4 weeks’ notice from any investor seeking to terminate his/her account. However, if an account is terminated before the minimum fixed term of 12 months, the account holder will not be entitled to any interest made.

Projected figures are estimates ONLY and should not be misinterpreted as actual figures.


Photo ID: UK Passport or Full drivers licence

2x Proof of Address: Utility Bills (Landline, Water, Gas, Electricity or Tax)

Proof of Income: Bank Statement, Payslip or DWP letter.

Important Notice:

  • Your passport or Full UK Drivers Licence MUST be valid.
  • All utility bills and proof of income must be dated within 3 months of your application.
  • Your bank statement MUST show your wages. If your benefits are paid into a post office account, attach your post office statement to your bank account.