The average person in the UK spends £16 per week on the lottery and lottery scratch cards and games of chance. They do that with a one in 14 million chance of being wealthy – but there is a better way! By investing your money you could have a 100% chance of being wealthy in your lifetime.

We may not be aware of exactly how much we spend on incidentals such as coffee each month, but research shows us that it is likely to be about £100 a month which is spent – or perhaps we should say ‘wasted’ on just buying coffee.

It is an absolute truth that if we just invested a little of this money wasted on incidentals we could make a significant difference to our financial lives over time, and we may even be able to make ourselves financially free with it.

There’s the hard way and then there’s the easy way and it can all begin with as little as £2.25…such a small amount of money.  In fact, it is less than a:

  • Fancy cup of coffee in a high street coffee shop
  • Magazine to read on the train
  • Drink at the pub

…and all you need to do is save £2.25 per day for your working life (for us that means from the ages of 18 to 65) into an investment fund which produces 11.7% return (or 12% to make it simpler), and you will end up with £1,000,000 or more.  And that’s it.

REMEMBER, money is the right of those who understand and apply some simple steps.

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