1. Believing that wealth isn’t for you
We know the first step to becoming wealthy, is to believe that you can be – otherwise you won’t keep anything you make. The first step is to work out what you believe – and if you don’t know – keep a diary and when anything financial happens to you – you get paid or receive a bill, how do you feel – joyous or despondent? Once you work out what makes you feel bad then attack that belief by asking yourself – repeatedly until you have the answer and the belief changes:

2. Forgetting that pennies count
Money is like a plant on your kitchen windowsill – it will grow if you feed it and water it. Also most pot plants grow from tiny seeds– and money is the same. Small amounts of money properly planted and looked after WILL grow into a massive amount of wealth.

3. Putting your head in the sand
I meet people who tell me they haven’t opened a bank statement in many years and that all brown envelopes get put under the carpet, and sadly this ‘head in the sand’ approach to money is damaging, totally unsuccessful, and frankly ridiculous.

4. Not controlling debt
We may get overwhelmed with debt from time to time but as long as we maintain control then we can manage that debt without fear or panic. As with most things, if we are fearful we tend to make the ‘wrong’ decisions and create more challenges, but with a sensible, and controlled action plan, we can manage our way into calmer waters.

5. Not knowing or understanding your credit score
There are seven steps we can take to improve our credit score by getting control of the issue:
Turn detective
Turn cleaner
Be dull
Go solo
Get active
Be good!
Get Control

6. Ignoring the future
When you have got control of your current position now it’s time to look to the future as most people fail to plan for their financial future and if you fail to plan then sadly you are planning to fail! Most people in the UK, USA and most of the western cultures retire with insufficient means to see them through retirement – and in the UK that means that you have to try and live on the government pension which can’t be done because it’s pathetic!

7. Putting all your eggs into one basket
Doing this is risky. If that one thing gets lost, stolen or fails in any way then all the wealth is gone, so we must get used to the concept of spreading everything we have.

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